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cafe_blue's Journal

Cafe Blue
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Welcome to Cafe Blue!
Cafe Blue is a Community for police officers and their families and friends for discussing family life within the law enforcement community.

There aren't many hard and fast rules. I just wanted there to be a safe place for us to meet and chat, without having to worry about flames from Johnny Jerk---.

Rule one: Please join only if you are a LEO, or a friend or family member of a LEO. Flames will not be tolerated, though debate and discussion is
welcome and encouraged.

Rule two: Families may include children. Keep the language clean, and descriptions as close to a PG-13 level as possible. I know you folks see some terrible stuff. If there is a need for, or interest in, a private LEO community, I'll set one up if people want. No pornographic user icons please.

That's it so far.

Welcome >^_^